When you want minister service is better to thinks the same thing as rain. It always comes with muddy. 

Makanda’s Minister Service is over. The major Mukhulhwani spoke like that one day. Makanda once as when he entered he was with his heart to feel two different ways in the same time. When he entered the heart felt fear more contentment. When he left he was filled with more sadness. Sadness of him was of not finishing things that he started and liked to solve few problems of people more country.

Contentment came because his body more head, more heart was very tired. But Time made him remove sadness and stay with contentment. Makanda knows that life is the same thing as travel. When traveling you will meet new people who can become friends or not. You can find things that are beautiful. You can see beautiful and ugly places. Anytime people traveling together can get to their stop and leave. His stop also had to arrive. But when he leaves this way, another one enters. As people you know, getting out is a way to get in. He also speaks with reason to know that the world is great to always stay in the same place. And life is short. It is not worth to live doing the same thing. No need to be sad when the stop has arrived. It is better to be happier to start another way. Also that one of minister service has many things that make sick with head, with heart and with body also. When was in ministerial service, Makanda did not sleep as normal. When rests a little with closed eyes, head gets to work alone, only remembering problems. When person is Minister, many people ask for help, but do not give help Minister. He thinks Minister solves all problems. Others do not like any Minister. Minister may be insulted with lack of respect in the newspaper more television. Others who want this service of Minister also gets jealous and makes way to push Minister to leave. When they can the go and do things of lie with major Mukhulhwani. Other people think Minister is more like a thief of money because when there is robbery Minister has to be to blame. When person working with Minister does corruption, people think that the one that did that is small fish. There has to be big fish that is a minister who told him to do corruption. There is a minister who does not like the minister and wants him to burn in order to leave sooner. These people are making mistakes that people from outside of Ministry and Minister bosses think that was Minister who made this mistake. Also when problem is very hot no one wants to mess with it. Push for Minister to burn alone. Even other ministers do this to push. Minister on the one hand can push hot issue to Minister on the other hand. Another thing, Minister has many bosses that does not end. Has major Mukhulhwani, Parliament, Party, Non Governmental Organization, journalist, more others. He has time to answer these bosses. Makanda worked other places from here and other lands long before Minister service. With these services Makanda knew who is a boss who commands him and what thing the boss wanted him to do. But Minister service has many bosses because Minister stays with whole people things. As another major Mukhulhwani says, people is the boss. These many bosses do not work together well. Today this boss is angry about something and gives guilt Minister. Tomorrow, another boss is also angry and makes Minister guilty. Other days bosses get all anger same time. Many days Minister arrives to his chair to work five o’clock in the afternoon because he spent all the day talking to each boss. But when he arrives to his chair five o’clock, his work people have already gone home. Minister stays talking alone with papers that he is reading and answering from the office. This way does not help his job get better good because people problem does not come out with dispatch alone. But Minister are not all the same and they are not angels. There is a minister who steals. Another who came to style and stay. Most others get to push problems to others and pull good things to him. It seems in the ball game that there is a person who is always alone in the goal of another. He does not help game because he waits for the ball to arrive at his foot to score goal and win medal. But there is a Minister who works much better, helps people, helps his fellow workers more. Minister Service has many things of value to like. Helping to solve many people’s problems brings contentment in the heart. When you look for ways to solve problems you learn many things. Same thing as university to teach. When being Minister will meet other people more other lands, more different ways of working with head. It also helps make more friends. Many people who want minister service is better they think well because this service does not just stand with Mercedes style and back guard. It has something of very good value but also has things of getting diarrhea, giving up sleeping and even can ruin family with friends too. If person is praying to have minister service it is better he listens well to that movie service person in America who said that if you pray to get rain with water for people, animals more plants, it is better to think that you will also get muddy. 

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