The Governor of Sofala, Maria Helena Taipo, has just made two public appearances in an equal number of public institutions on matters whose delicacy advised some prudence, until what is believed to be facts was proved as consummate facts.

The public appearance and the way the Governor has positioned herself, with the right to journalistic coverage, places Maria Helena Taipo in an extremely delicate situation, because she didn’t take care of previously interacting with the leaderships of the two institutions concerned, neither to investigate for a fair public sentence.


For the sake of not, the State to which the Governor swore to serve was pinched, the sensitive medical class and the class of disaster management, who have done much for the benefit of the needy, may also have been wronged, to the contrary.

With regard to the medical profession, the Governor of Sofala, who was motivated by complaints of irregularities to be investigated and confirmed, she went to Policlínica, almost to prove that the proprietary doctors remove patients from Beira Central Hospital and equipment from the largest health unit of Sofala for their private clinic. To be confirmed, the doctors supposedly involved should merit treatment at the same level of alleged violations of the ethics and deontology they have sworn to respect. If not confirmed, they also have the right to due justice, in the same dimension in which they will have been wronged.

Care wasn’t taken to involve the Provincial or General Inspectorate of Health, entities that voluntarily or not the Governor eventually replaced.

We aren’t against the Governor’s great interest in matters of public interest, but prudence advises that Maria Helena Taipo would have been well in the picture, interacting first with the leaders of the sector, to act with the absolute certainty that she was faced with fait accompli, and there to say of her justice in all justice. Even if she were at the level of the Minister of Health, who seems to us to have ceased to be simple and accessible, the one who by the way already directed the Beira Central Hospital and knows well the house.

 Or she will have intentionally avoided this interaction with the intention of showing service and pass certificate of incompetence to the specialized sectors and their respective leaderships, which could have translated into total misfortune, because the State, whom the Governor swore to serve, also resented the reckless gesture.

And if the accusations aren’t proved, Governor Maria Helena Taipo will fill the same courage and return to the same place, in other words, publicly, with the right to journalistic coverage, to withdraw from the medical profession? Unlikely. And the old maxim says that the first news is that which stays. There are times when a certain level of events requires reliance on technical teams.

 Unto situations of this nature, all the care isn’t enough and the Governor needs to know that in this shifting world unfortunately there are no bad faith situations, with the intention of reaching people or other unconfessable goals and the excess of emotion takes us to walk on a rug of banana peels. By burning steps in the management of the situation the Governor ends up letting herself be dragged to utter unhappiness that she doesn’t deserve. 

In the second public appearance also entitled to news coverage, the Governor of Sofala is quoted to express disappointment at the alleged “inoperability” of the National Institute of Disaster Management in the province for allegedly failing to assist victims of disasters in Dondo and Beira, despite of resources in warehouses. The Governor tells us that there are tons and tons of rice in warehouses, which INGC hasn’t yet taken to the victims.

 Here the situation is even more serious because Maria Helena Taipo goes so far as to order “shut up” to an official who tries to give the version of the institution. That is to say, even without investigating, the reason can only live on the side of the Governor! Very serious! Even more serious, the Governor simply ignored the top leadership of INGC, which was, by the way, in her territory, occupied by the victims. He didn’t want to know anything about his existence at all.

And a message circulating on social networks indicates that INGC will have carried out its work in good time and avoided the worst in even trying to transfer families from risk areas to safe places, barely knew of the imminence of one of the damn ones catastrophes. 

The Governor anticipated the events and went to visit the places of accommodation precisely when the preparation and management of the centers were taking place. It was as if the situation was definitive, while the teams were mobilizing the means for the centers. Maria Helena Taipo didn’t even remember that these ties obey a script in which technical compliance shouldn’t burn a single stage, otherwise it will cause all the work done to collapse.

And it wasn’t prevented that the Maria Helena Taipo’s statements were described as “too hasty and devoid of any technical rationality in matters of humanitarian assistance”.

Since the Governor ordered an INGC official to “shut up,” how could she not believe the version now circulating on social networks, since Maria Helena Taipo simply deprived the public of the clarifications she would like to hear from the actors in the process , calling to herself all reason, which is lamentable and reprehensible? 

Judgments and public prosecutions, with justice or not belong to the past. Things should be dealt with in their own forum today, unless there is a deliberate intention to hide something malicious. Even if there is reason for repression, the times in which this repression had to take place in the public square belong to the past. Close the doors and wash the laundry, to preserve the human dignity, without meaning to cover up eventual dirt.

Governor Maria Helena Taipo may well have found ways to manage the situation in both cases, by putting technical teams to work previously for wanting to appear publicly in a timely manner, free of emotions that spoil some destabilization of the system as a whole.


In the great interest of the Governor of Sofala for the public good, Maria Helena Taipo can count on us, as long as everything is done within the basic rules of manners, without populism.

The accompanying journalists also have faults in the notary’s office because they did little or nothing to “uproot” on the other side, another version of the facts, since they had everything to interact with the INGC staff. They assumed what appears to be facts as facts and the Governor’s version as pure and irrefutable truth. Or it was to please the Boss!

What seems may not be, Governor. (x)


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