Written by Boaventura Mandlate

Translated by Francisco Chuquela

The measures being taken to save our forest continue to prove themselves insufficient for the desired results and the authorities don´t hide the despair.

The fact is that as the siege is tightened, the illegal ones will also refine their expertise to circumvent the authorities, even if it is necessary to invest balances, including the corruption of some of ours, in order to allow them to pass or facilitate furtive actions, since in the moment of balance the profits continue fabulous.

Maybe the Angolan solution will help us. Angolans have just enacted a ban on cutting and exporting timber from the country.

This can only be a brave act for a country that has already become aware of the seriousness of the deforestation of its territory, which in the meantime may not have reached our deforestation levels.

Looking at the seriousness of things between us, and at everything that followed multiple efforts, one can conclude that the prohibition of cutting and exporting would perhaps be the right measure for Mozambique.

It would be an easy measure for Mozambique, because in many of the country’s reasons abound similarities.

After all that has been done, we continue to see lorries and lorries, containers and containers loaded with different species of illegal wood and the authorities are lamenting. And those trucks and lorries, containers and containers that manage to bypass the authorities’ barrier? They may outweigh the little that can be neutralized.

They are trees that take hundreds of years to arrive to the maturity appetizing for the exploration of its wood. When these non-replanted trees are felled with other species that will only reach maturity in 100 years, we are moving towards an environmental tragedy that will jeopardize our survival as humans and others.

This means that with the prevalence of the current situation we are compromising the future of an entire generation of the next 100 years, which is reprehensible in all respects.

We have no legitimacy to sacrifice generations to feed those 80/100 workers who don´t even know if they actually have the benefits of such exploration.

If the Angolan measure is extremely courageous, at least it has the merit of ensuring the maintenance of a sovereignty.

There can be no doubt that the forest is now a sovereignty, because when it is overturned it also collapses the climate, and when the climate changes the impacts are bigger and can affect national sovereignty. (x)

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