Translated by Francisco Chuquela

The company Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique (LAM), which, as we understand it, days ago was in high risk of falling and the result of this was the convening of an Extraordinary General Meeting that determined the termination of functions of the Board of Directors that was leading the company to the abyss. It can return to better days.

After some time of search for solutions by those who, by law, recently, it seems that – at least at the level of capacities of those who must presently manage LAM – the conditions are met for the company to move steadily to the recovery flight, at a time when competition is about to tighten the siege of the aviation market in Mozambique.

It is true that the previous administration left the company, moreover, was forced to leave the company after much damage, illustrated with a large debt of about three million US dollars, but we believe in battles that lead to great victories.

The same partners who terminated their duties to the previous managers and consequently stopped the dangerous and harmful management in which the flag company flew, decided to create and put into operation a general directorate, entrusted to the Engineer João Carlos Pó Jorge, a framework that , as well as an internal and external reputation, knows LAM very well from the inside and can be a good solution for a better future.

According to information from various sources, João Pó was responsible for the entire LAM maintenance area.

From João Pó’s CV we can count numerous actions, experience and professional baggage, spiced with passage by Ethiopian Airlines, the largest airline of the African continent, where he worked several years.

Based in the Zimbabwean capital, Harare, João Pó was Boeing’s representative for Africa. He is a specialist in engines, namely Pratt & Whitney, whose plant also represented in the African continent.

He is said to have joined LAM in 2015 and excelled in the reorganization of the company’s maintenance area, including the replacement and storage of spare parts, with operational improvements described as conspicuous.

In addition to the appointment of Mr. Pó to manage LAM’s destinies, the special session of the General Shareholders’ Meeting, convened for this purpose, decided that the General Directorate will also be composed of function directors, namely in Technical Operations, Finance, Commercial, Human Resources, Information Systems and Procurement sectors.

The hope of the imminent recovery flight is almost certain in LAM as it isn’t the first time that the new General Director takes on a similar challenge, since in the 2000s he supported start-ups of new airlines in West Africa, after the collapse of the former Air Afrique, a company that operated on an equity shareholder basis, comprising interests from 11 countries in the region. Air Senegal is born in this context, and Pó witnessed the challenges of this transformation.

For now he will have to lead the process of returning LAM to moments of glory, to the satisfaction of its clients and beyond.

On the part of the Institute for the Management of State Participations (IGEPE), it is difficult to perceive in this bitter experience of LAM because, initially, it had an executive direction at the head of the language and now has advanced to a general directorate, which denounces, at some point, the treatment of this issue with lightness and without the due deepening.

For all intents and purposes, despite the IGEPE’s verbal ping pong, the indication of Dust seems like great hope for the national flag company, time will tell! Time will be the best judge, and we keep waiting, for, knowing to wait is a virtue!

(Daniel Maposse)

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