Translated by Francisco Chuquela

July 25, 2018 will be registered in the history of the General Attorney of the Republic of Mozambique (PGR) and of the country in general, as the year in which this institution triggered and with results an action that at some point – for some circles – seemed like an impossible mission.

In concrete terms, we refer to the announcement of the capture of Momad Assif Abdul Satar, better known as Nini Satar, who even from outside the country, through social networks and other forms, was present in the country sometimes with some excesses in relation to the way he handled the Mozambican judicial authorities.

It was exactly on July 25, 2018, on Wednesday, that the PGR announced in a statement that one of the most wanted fugitives in the country, Nini Satar, was detained, somewhere in the kingdom of Thailand, at the height of the facts, the most sought after.

He left the country four years ago on the grounds that he was receiving medical treatment in London, the British capital, fact which later came to debate with some circles to denounce his flight out of Mozambique and himself denying social networks. These events took place after he had benefited from parole.

After serving half the sentence of 24 years in prison in connection with the murder of the journalist Carlos Cardoso in November 2000; according to the legislation in force in the Republic of Mozambique, Nini Satar was released on parole on 5 September, 2014.

Since his departure from the country, which later proved to have been an escape, because he didn’t comply with the limits of the authorization, the boy of the ridiculous amounts as, also, is treated in the Country, on the part of the PGR, of an international arrest warrant that was executed on July 25, with his neutralization.

The PGR, which he accused of being inoperative, says it is dealing with the procedures for his transfer and/or repatriation to Mozambique.

Nini Satar, who was captured in Thailand when he was neutralized, was still in possession of a false passport in the name of Sahime Mohammad Aslam. This citizen, who, as we have already mentioned, had already served half of his sentence, whose probation has been revoked for the time being, is now also indicted in cases of kidnapping, but these cases are still in the investigation phase.

This work of the PGR, with the logical involvement of the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC), came to prove the applicability of the old adage, according to which actions shout more than words, this time the action shouted more than the word.

As for us, the role of the PGR must be unquestionably exalted, which, given much that was said and written, remained silent, at work and, at the appropriate time, presented results.

It is our belief that the detention of this individual is not a way to clarify some of the cases he is accused of, will certainly open important clues to the clarification of relevant issues that should help Mozambican justice to reach out to many of those who act on the fringes of the Law, to evaluate for what has been shown to have knowledge of his own writings on social networks, let’s see!

(Daniel Maposse)

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