Written by Daniel Maposse

Translated by Francisco Chuquela

After the Maputo city and Matola municipality, in Maputo province, in this exhibition of some sections of the profile of those who are going to “beat each other” so that their political formations deserve the confidence of the citizens, we continue in Maputo province and, this time , we advanced to Boane, Namaacha and Manhiça towns.


In the young autarchy of Boane, which will enter the second autonomy mandate, they will “fight” while heads – of – list, Jacinto Loureiro (Frelimo), João Marissine (Renamo) and Justino Matola (MDM).

Jacinto Loureiro

Jacindo Lapido Loureiro, a mechanical training engineer, was born in Montepuez, Cabo Delgado province, at an early age, knew that there was a national liberation movement called Frelimo, which was fighting for the liberation of the country from the Portuguese colonial yoke, so he early had influence for nationalism. In 1999 he was deputy in the Assembly of the Republic and in the governance of Eneas Comiche, in the municipality of Maputo, he was a member of the Board of Economic Activities.

Justino Matola

Justino Matola, born January 6, 1969, a teacher by career, holds a master’s degree in Business Management from UEM. It is he who has the responsibility to advance as the head of the MDM list.

João Marissane

João Marissane, a former member of the National Elections Commission (CNE), was elected head of the list for Boane by Renamo and faces the thorny mission of facing Jacinto Loureiro and Justino Matola as head of the partridge list.


For the autonomous council of the Village of Namaacha go to the electoral contest Manuel Mungwambe, as head of the Frelimo list, Jeremias Cumbe was nominated for Namaacha by Renamo and currently is the official of the electoral office of this political formation and adviser of this party, at the district level. For the MDM advances Gabriel Matola.


The municipal council of Manhiça town, in the quality of list-heads, will be disputed by Luis Munguambe, businessman and current mayor (Frelimo); Carvalho Mbembe (Renamo), who studied at the Manhiça Secondary School and Joaquim Mabui will represent MDM.

Gaza province

In Gaza province, there are three towns and an equal number of villages, namely the towns of Chókwè, Chibuto and Xai-Xai; villages of Macia, Bilene Beach and Mandllakazi.


For the Chókwè city advance as list-heads Lídia Cossa, current edil (Frelimo), Alfredo Dide (Renamo) and Eliotério Gomes Machangwana (MDM).


In Chibuto the main political parties, with parliamentary representation, Frelimo, Renamo and MDM indicated as head-of-list, Henriques Albino Machava, Pedro Pelembe and Tornado Almiro Paia.

We know that Henriques Machava, of Frelimo is a delegate of the National Institute of Social Action (INAS) in Gaza and studied Politics and Public Management at the Pedagogical University of Gaza, he was born on July 13, 1973.

Xai – Xai

For the Xai-Xai city council, Emídio Xavier (Frelimo) Mouzinho Gama Gundurujo, Xai-Xai (Renamo) and Judite Sitoi Macuácua (MDM) are the heads of the list.


In the municipality of Macia, in order to fight for the replacement of Reginaldo Mariquele, the current councilor, headmen, Ramalho Mussagy (Frelimo) Narcisio Cumbane, (Renamo) and Alberto João Chemusse (MDM) were appointed.

Praia de Bilene

For the tourist authority of Praia de Bilene Frelimo elected Mufundisse Chilengue, current president of the Municipality, to its head of list and will fight for the own succession with Carlos Sumburane of Renamo and Clara Fabião Manuel of MDM.


To fight for the maximum direction of the town council of the Village of Mandlakazi will compete Maria Helena Langa, current president of the municipality, Frelimo, Eike Mário Sitoe, Renamo and Mangau Sumbana, MDM. (to be continued)

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