Written by Daniel Maposse

Translated by Francisco Chuquela

The municipalities remain the order of the day and, to conclud the southern zone, we look at the heads of the towns and villages of the Inhambane province, namely Inhambane, Maxixe, Quissico, Massinga and Vilankulo.


For Inhambane municipal city, while Frelimo re-bets on Benedito Guimino, the current mayor, as head of the list, Renamo bets on Vitalino Macauze and the MDM bet again on Fernando Nhaca.

 Benedito Guimino

Guimino, Benedito, is the current mayor of Inhambane, he was born in Maxixe city in 1970, and in 1980 he completed elementary education.

The following year, in 81, he entered the Maxixe Secondary School. Five years later he completed grade-9, after which he went to study for the Mwachicoloane Pre-university School in Gaza, where he completed pre-university education in 1989 with grade-11.

At 27 years old, in 1997, he completed his degree in Chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences of Eduardo Mondlane University.

Professional career

Shortly before finishing his higher education, he went to work for the Ministry of Health, specifically in the National Office of Quality Control of Medicines. He performed the role of drug analyst. In fact, his job was to test medicines to assess their quality before they entered the market. In the evenings he taught at the Maputo Health Institute. This relationship with Health lasted only four years, since in 2000 it went to Zambia to take an industrial quality control course.

In the return, still in the same year, he went to work for Nampula province, in the factory of Coca-Cola.

Return to Inhambane

In late 2000, Guimo returned to Inhambane, this time to the city. The following year, he was assigned as a teacher at the Emília Daússe Secondary School in Inhambane. In 2003 he received the first prize of best teacher of that school. The achievement was repeated in the following two years: 2004 and 2005. Following this he was appointed director of the Muelé Secondary School, institution where he worked from 2006 to 2012, from where he left to direct the destinations of the Inhambane municipality.

Vitalino Macauze

Vitalino Macauze is the bet of the part now under the interim coordination of Ossufo Momade and, the particularity of this head of list, is that his name in some lists figures as Vitalino Maria!

Fernando Nhaca

Fernando Amélia Nhaca is the head of the MDM for the Inhambane Autonomous City, born on December 18, 1967 in Inhaca Island, is a teacher by career and spent part of his childhood in Inhaca Island.

While teaching at Emília Daússe Scondary School, Nhaca was one of the largest chicken breeders in Inhambane city.

Fernando Nhaca’s Snarled Profile

76/80 completed primary school at Foruvela School
81 finished grade-5 at Cambine School, 82 finished grade-6 at Maxixe School
83/85 completed secondary education at Emília Daússe School
86/88 Educational Technologies course at the Faculty of Education

As a teacher

– Teacher at Emília Daússe Secondary School
– Teacher at Secondary School of 4th Special Rapid Intervention Unit
– Pedagogical director and teacher of São Lucas Diocesan Seminary


For the municipal city of Maxixe, in their capacity as heads-of-list, they will “beat each other” to the position of president of the Local Council, Fernando Bambo by Frelimo, Simeão Uelemo by Renamo and José Rafael Siniquinha, advancing through the MDM.


For the three primary political forces in the country, go to electoral struggle for the presidency of Quissico, as head of the list, in accordance with the legislation currently in force in Mozambique, Abílio Chiponde heading Frelimo, Cândido Vasco Maculuve, Renamo and Faustino Nhamombe, indicated by MDM.


For Massinga ‘s autarchy, Frelimo has as its head, Medy Geremias, Renamo bet on Armando Arnaldo and Verdiano Massinga advances through MDM.


William Thuzine is Frelimo’s preference for the top management of Vilankulo, João Boaventura is Renamo’s bet and Ana Jordão will fight for MDM. (to be continued)

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